Pipe-Proteq Runner® is designed to support operations that need a quick lock running protector (Pin) and can be applied within seconds, even under the most severe conditions. Available in sizes between 5 1/2" and 13 3/8".


  • Designed to support dope less and doped connections.
  • No additional tools needed to use protector .
  • Improved reliability. Under all weather conditions the protector can be removed and applied within seconds.
  • Supports pre-doping at catwalk (no more additional doping on rig-floor).
  • Simply push protector on pipe and ready to use tubular.
  • More than 80% reduction of the amount of dope that stays on the protector.
  • The protector can be fully recycled upon disposal.
  • Prepare multiple tubulars at catwalk (diameter identical to conventional threaded protectors).
  • Due to its modular design, protectors can be repaired with spare parts, thus enhancing the product life cycle.


Our R&D department regularly conducts tests to ensure compliance to our quality standards and ensuring the highest performance standards. All feedback and experiences from our customers is constantly integrated into new and improved designs and functionality.


The Runner (left) in comparison with the Klepo (right) protector. The runner does protect all the threads of the connection

The Runner in action during the recovery of casing on the rig. Take a look at the ease of use and no additional tools needed during operation

The Pipe Proteq Runner in action on the top right corner battling a regular protector.

The Runner on a on-shore rig from catwalk to rig floor. Also imagine preparing multiple strings on the catwalk before getting up the V-door and improve efficiency. Also no need to dope again on the rig floor (less time needed in the Red zone)