February 2016: Pipe Proteq announces a new partnership with RigSupply AS
Pipe Proteq is pleased to announce that on March 1st – 2016 , a Partnership Agreement has been signed with RigSupply AS. RigSupply AS will be actively promoting and selling all Pipe Proteq products in Norway. Pipe Proteq believes RigSupply (being a leading supplier of thread protection solutions in Norway) is the ideal partner to explore the Norwegian market for Pipe Proteq technologies.
November 2012: Pipe Proteq announces a new partnership with CK Loosbrock
Pipe Proteq is pleased to announce that on November 19th – 2012 , a Partnership Agreement has been signed with CKLoosbrock USA LLC. CKLoosbrock will be actively promoting and selling all Pipe Proteq products in West Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and dedicated areas in the United States. Please visit following websites for additional information

March 2012: Pipe Proteq announces a partnership with Corvitex Corporation
Pipe Proteq announced today that it has signed an agreement with Corvitex Corporation. Tom Nolan, Managing Director of Corvitex Corporation will promote and represent Pipe Proteq in the United States of America and Canada. By working with Tom Nolan and Corvitex, Pipe Proteq hopes to expand its customer base in the US.

About Corvitex Corporation:

Corvitex Corporation, established in 2003, is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Corvitex provides a variety of global market solutions to companies, governments and organizations seeking to expand their international markets. The privately held corporation provides business development and marketing services to companies in a variety of sectors. Corvitex specializes in assisting companies based in Europe build their international presence in the Americas, with a focus on small and medium sized companies based in The Netherlands. More info via
November 2010: Pipe Proteq nominated for LiveWIRE Young Business award 2010
We are nominated for the LiveWIRE Young Business award 2010. The award is given to the most innovative and fastest growing company in the Netherlands. On december 2nd the four finalists will be chosen from 20 nominees. For more information take a look at
November 2010: Pipe Proteq speaks at the Education creates Knowledge Conference
We will present our Thread Protector case and our experiences with educational environments. Also we will present how educational institutes can help companies like ours with complimentary knowledge. The presentation will put the cons and pros of working with education and how it can support in future developments.
October 2010: Pipe Proteq speaks at ION(N) Conference
Pipe Proteq has been asked by Stenden University to present the Pipe Proteq case at the ION(N) conference. We will tell about our experiences with Stenden University during the development stage of our Thread Protector and how to improve the synergy between business schools and corporations.
March 2010: API5CT testing successfully completed
During the recent months all ISO 11960/API 5CT tests were conducted with the Pipe Proteq Thread Protectors. We are very proud the results exceeds the norms. On a regular basis we will retest our Protectors to be sure that the quality will be maintained and improved wherever possible.
June 2009: IAD price granted from the Province of Drenthe
The Province of Drenthe let us know that we were awarded with a innovation price.  With this price Pipe Proteq will be able to develop their technology and organisation even further. The Jury said the following about the Pipe Proteq project. "The Commision thinks the project proposition is well substantiated and innovative. It is about a complete new way to look at threadprotection. The proposition is innovative, ambitious and sustainable. The proposition scores high on the individual criteria and has a clear goal." Pipe Proteq is very delighted for the acknowledgement of the Jury for it's innovative approach and will continu to do so. This project is co-financed by the European Community, The European Fund for Regional Development and the Province of Drenthe.